Don’t Diss My Flip Flops: My thoughts on minimalist shoes

Minimalist Shoes. What are those you say, bruh? I’m a big fan of minimalist shoes for a lot of reasons. Along my journey, incorporating minimalist footwear has: Helped enormously with my posture Helped with knee aches and pains Resolved a nagging and tight gastrocnemius. Helped some low back aches. Helped with hip mobility, structure, and … More Don’t Diss My Flip Flops: My thoughts on minimalist shoes

Go Bananas For Bananas

Nutrient dense foods are the way to go. We’re talking strawberries, mangos, broccoli, quinoa, onions, bluebe.. No, Alan, we’re talking about my favorite food. In a past presentation I gave regarding how micronutrients can positively impact our DNA and overall health, I specifically talked about the reasons why eating a whole food diet is so … More Go Bananas For Bananas

Breaks; my loss

Breaks Bags stacked high by the garage door The boy wept loud as tears smacked the floor “Don’t leave, don’t go. you’re leaving us why?!” The mom stared blank no words no reply. She thought for a moment, then opened her lips “I need time away for a little bit.”   The boy’s mouth dropped, … More Breaks; my loss

Love; my rant.

Vibrational energy, attraction, and the power of the mind are such powerful tools we have to make each and every day blissful. Love. So awesome. It really is. It’s like a double edged sword as I’m sure we all can relate. No matter how hard we try, when we love, we become vulnerable. Vulnerable to … More Love; my rant.

Cancer-pathophysiology and prescribing exercise.

So, this is a presentation I gave in my Chronic Disease class last semester and I really enjoyed working on it. I dove just a bit into the pathophysiology and threw in a little bit of information on the current treatment of glioblastoma using a modified polio virus (PVS-RIPO). It’s based around a case study of … More Cancer-pathophysiology and prescribing exercise.